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360 Booth Hire

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360 Video Booth Melbourne

Create lasting memories in style!

360 booth hire Melbourne

Instagram reels and TikTok videos are more popular than ever so why not capture your fun memories and share them on social media.

Snap Time 360 booth will capture a short 15-second video and our software will turn the clip into a cool video. You can add custom animations and soundtracks to make it more personalized and the slow-motion feature really take it to the next level.


The steps of creating a video clip are very simple, all you have to do is stand on our podium and do your best moves and in 20 seconds you will have a fabulous video clip ready to air drop, or share on social media.

4K High-Quality Videos

We use GoPro Hero 11 cameras with all our 360 booths to capture all videos in 4K video quality.

Industrie Leading Software

With over 7 years in the photo booth industry, We use leading software to provide you with the best available.

Colorful Lighting

6 colorful light tubes are placed around the 360 booths to create a fun atmosphere and enhance the video.



Branding is everything and we create customer overlays for you to promote your brand or sponsor's logo.

Custom Sound Track

This is what makes the difference. We can add any song or soundtrack to make the video more enjoyable to watch.

Animated Overlays

We can create custom animations to match your theme.

Bubble Firework

Add our bubble firework effects ($100 add-on) to make the video look fun. We are the only 360 booth company in Australia to use remote-controlled bubble fireworks.

Safety & Insurance

We are covered by a 20-million-dollar public liability cover so everything is safe.

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