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How to Choose a Wedding Photo Booth Hire Melbourne Post Lockdown

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Wedding Photo Booth Hire Melbourne
Wedding Photo Booth Hire

A wedding day is an extra special day. Certainly, a day when all your friends and loved ones reunite after a long pandemic. You need them to enjoy, make memories and remember the day.

To make the day entertaining, surprise your guests with a wedding photo booth hire. An ideal solution to fill the day with joy and memories captured in photographs.

Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Wedding Photo Booth Hire

Snap Time Photobooths is a professional photo booth hire and listed a few factors to guide you. It might be your first time hiring a photo booth rental Melbourne.

To all the wedding planners out there, this is a helpful guide to how to hire a photo booth for weddings.

Delivery to Venue

Before the event, ask whether they deliver to your venue. Sometimes, the photo booth rentals Melbourne will have limited areas or venues.

Photo Booth Designs

Photo Booth Design
Photo Booth Design

Consider a photo booth design suitable for guests of any age and personality. Photo booths must be a place where the guests could go after a break from drinking and dancing. Also, the shy guests could engage with others. Photo booths with attendants are a better option to make guest experiences excellent.


Wedding Photo Props
Wedding Photo Props

Most photo booths provide fun props. And props are the best part of the photoshoot. So, check out the props available.

Number of Photos

Snap Photos
Snap Photos

Consider a photo booth that provides unlimited photos. Some photo booths have restricted the number of photos to take

Personalised Photo Strips

Wedding Photo Booth Strip Design
Wedding Photo Booth Strip Design

Also, whether you can personalize your photo strips. For example, the overlay with the bride and groom’s names, date etc. A souvenir for your guests to remember your special day.

High Quality, Instant Photo Prints

instant print photo booth
Snap Print & Design

Next, consider the availability of instant prints and the quality of their photos. With the advancement of technology, most photo booths use instant prints. But high-quality photos guarantee that the photos will last for a long time.

Health & Safety Measures

covid-19 safety guidelines
Safety Measures

Also, when choosing your wedding photo booth rental, consider the health measures taken. It is important to note that they abide by the health and safety regulations post lockdown. Besides, possession of Public Liability insurance is an essential factor. Public Liability Insurance makes sure the rental can compensate for any cost of claims for personal injuries or damage to property.

Why Hire Us as Your Wedding Photo Booth Hire?

Let Snap Time Photobooths be a part of your wedding. We can make your wedding photo booth to be one of the best decisions you make.

Why? Our photo booths can keep your guests excited and entertained without feeling bored. Further, we’ve got a range of options to make your wedding more memorable while you make your choice.

Don’t take our word for it!

Snap Time Photo Booth Customer Reviews

Client reviews always find our services professional and friendly. Most compliments are on the smooth operation of the event.

Our photo booth hire services have entertained more than hundreds of guests and of all ages love to upload their photo booth experiences on social media.

We offer our photo booth rental for many events not only for weddings.We are available to hire for birthday parties, corporate events, and school/university functions.

We are available for your event in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Yarra Valley, Mornington and Geelong regions.

Range of Wedding Photobooth Options

Our range of photo booths for weddings includes Magic mirror, Open booth and Enclosed booth hire.

Magic Mirror Hire

magic mirror photo booth
Magic Mirror Photo Booth Hire

All guests from kids to adults love the magic mirror photo booth. It is one of the trending and interactive photo booth options. We use the latest technology for our magic mirror photo booth. VIP red carpets to make your guests feel extravagant for a magical experience.

Open Photo Booth

Open Photo Booth
Open Photo Booth Hire

The open photo booth is a popular choice because more guests can crash in for a wild photo bomb. Open air also allows more room for fun poses like picking people up, arms in the air, and bigger props.

What’s an event without any craze, right?

And you can choose a Photo booth backdrop of your choice.

Enclosed Photo Booth

Enclosed Photo Booth
Enclosed Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Our enclosed photo booth is a very cool cubicle-shaped color changing photo booth. Guests can change the color of their choice. It allows for 2–3 guests to enjoy a photo booth session at a time. They allow for more privacy, and don’t need an attendant on hand. This is ideal for all the playful guests to get them hyped up for their turn to snap.

What’s more?

Free delivery and pick up (40km around Melbourne), unlimited photos, all guests can use the photo booth as many times as they wish, instant prints in High resolution, all photo booths equipped with DSLR camera, professional attendant to set up, operate photo booths and assist guests, fun prop collection of hats, masks, huge glasses, feather boas. etc., USB with photos provided after the event and a leather Guest book or an instant gallery for an extra nominal charge.

What about health measures?

We focus on the successful completion of your event and the safety of all guests. Hence, we have implemented strict health measures. Disinfected photo booths to contactless operations, your event will follow strict health measures. Our team will be full of help throughout the event.

Read our blog post on safety guidelines for more in detail.

Excited to hire your wedding Photo Booths? Book now before your date gets booked.

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